Campus the story

The successful chair series Campus is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Designed by Danish designer duo Johannes Foersom & Peter Hiort-Lorenzen in 1992.

Campus is still the number one bestseller through-out company history and has paved the way for Lammhults internationally with its over 1 million sold units.

To highlight this icon ́s 25 years on the market we created a campaign site to celebrate this special occasion. Read about the story behind the design, look at the milestones that Campus chair has done throughout the years since being introduced to the market.

It started already in 1989 when Lammhults asked the Danish designer duo Peter Hiort-Lorenzen and Johannes Foersom to design a product especially suited for the export market. The design brief was clear: create a functional affordable volume chair for the international contract market.

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